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HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite Certificates and Badges

Motivate Your Test Takers

ETS research confirms that students' motivation in taking learning outcomes assessments has a positive impact on their test performance. By providing performance-level certificates of achievement for students taking any of the modules from the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite, you can motivate students to do well, which ultimately helps your institution for accreditation and performance funding. Plus, since these certificates are electronic, students can share them with an unlimited number of recipients in academia and beyond.

Test takers who earn a qualifying score on the online test can also earn an electronic badge. Test takers can manage and share their badges with an unlimited number of recipients in academia and beyond.

Performance Levels

Certificates and badges are available for Advanced and Proficient performance levels based on qualifying scores. View a description of the skills typically demonstrated by individuals at each level for each module below:

Viewing Certificates and Badges on MyResultsCentral

Test takers whose scores qualify for a certificate and badge will receive an email with instructions for retrieving them from the online student portal at MyResultsCentral.

Test takers must use the link in the email when accessing the portal. First-time users will be prompted to create an account.

Once logged into their account, at the MyResultsCentral portal, test takers can:

  • view their score report
  • view their certificate
  • save/print a PDF version of the certificate
  • send their badge to the Badgr Backpack page

Viewing and Sharing Badges on Badgr

Test takers can also share their badge via Badgr. Once test takers create a Badgr account, they can:

  • view the full details of their badge
  • share their badge with network contacts
  • post on websites and social media

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