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HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite Scores

Institutions nationwide can use results from the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite for accreditation and accountability initiatives, to guide curriculum improvement and to measure growth and development.

Using Scores

With the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite, institutions can:

  • Paint a more complete picture of student performance. The tests can be used as a standalone assessment or in conjunction with an institution's existing assessments.
  • Use the actionable data to show that students have learned the general education skills needed after graduation.
  • Mix and match the assessments to address individual institutional goals.
  • Gauge student learning outcomes of traditional, blended learning and distance learning students.
  • Meet requirements for accreditation and program funding by measuring and documenting program effectiveness.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve curriculum through the assessment of student proficiency in core academic skill areas.
  • Compare institutional performance using national comparative data.

Institutional Score Reporting

At the institutional level, the following information will be reported.*

Civic Competency & Engagement

  • Civic Competency mean score
    • Mean subscores for the following domains:
      • Civic Knowledge
      • Civic Skills
  • Civic Attitudes mean score
  • Percentage of test takers at each Civic Competency and Civic Attitudes level
  • Summary and item level responses to Civic Participation survey questions

See a sample HEIghten Civic Competency & Engagement Institution score report.

Critical Thinking

See a sample HEIghten Critical Thinking Institution score report.

Intercultural Competency & Diversity

  • Analyze & Act score
    • Mean subscores for the following domains:
      • Self-awareness
      • Cultural Knowledge Application
      • Suspending Judgment/Perspective Taking
      • Social Monitoring
      • Emotion Regulation
      • Behavior Regulation
  • Approach mean score
    • Mean subscores for the following domains:
      • Positive Cultural Orientation
      • Cultural Self-efficacy
  • Percentage of test takers at each Analyze & Act and Approach level

See a sample HEIghten Intercultural Competency & Diversity Institution score report.

Quantitative Literacy

  • Mean total score
  • Mean subscores for the following content areas:
    • Numbers and operations
    • Algebra
    • Geometry and measurement
    • Probability and statistics
  • Percentage of test takers at each proficiency level

See a sample HEIghten Quantitative Literacy Institution score report.

Written Communication

See a sample HEIghten Written Communication Institution score report.

Test-taker Score Reports

Test takers who complete the HEIghten assessments will receive the following scores:

Critical Thinking, Quantitative Literacy and Written Communication

  • Total score
  • Proficiency level achieved

Civic Competency & Engagement

  • Civic Competency score
  • Civic Attitudes score
  • Proficiency and attitude level achieved
  • Civic Participation survey responses

Intercultural Competency & Diversity

  • Analyze & Act score
  • Approach score
  • Proficiency and Approach level achieved

The following are the sample HEIghten test-taker score reports:

* Valid data from a minimum of 30 test takers is required to generate group-level institutional reports.

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