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Off-Campus Testing for the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite

Administering a proctored HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment is even easier with off-campus testing. While on-campus administrations are always available, the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite can also be administered off campus using a remote proctoring service. Offering this off-campus testing option to your students allows you to:

  • administer proctored tests to your entire population regardless of their physical location
  • offer your off-campus students the ability to take a proctored test remotely instead of coming to campus
  • combine off-campus with on-campus testing in one cohort so you can review the effectiveness of your program for your entire population, under the same proctored conditions, using an aggregate report
  • add even more convenience without losing valuable classroom time or compromising security

Learn more about Pricing and Ordering for off-campus testing.

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Information for Test Takers

Do you need to take an off-campus administration of the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite? Learn more about Off-Campus Testing for Test Takers.

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