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Higher Education Services

Achieve your program goals with our assessments and tools

When you want to recruit and admit applicants or measure student and program performance, you need reliable data. That’s exactly what our services for higher education institutions provide.

Assess applicant skills

Find a diverse pool of qualified students for your program and ensure a fair admissions process with objective data on applicants’ knowledge.

Holistic Admissions

Explore resources that can facilitate a holistic admissions process. Learn how to update your practices to admit qualified, diverse students and meet program goals.

Learn more about holistic admissions

Demonstrate student learning

ETS Major Field Tests Tab One

ETS® Major Field Tests

Measure undergrad and MBA students’ knowledge in their academic major and demonstrate your program’s strengths.

ETS Proficiency Profile Tab One

ETS® Proficiency Profile

Evaluate core skill areas and measure learning outcomes for accreditation initiatives.

ETS Proficiency Profile Tab One


Help students improve their writing skills and assess their progress.


Learn more about our suite of services for Higher Education institutions.

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