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ETS Resources for Community Colleges

Students come to community college from diverse academic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and with a variety of aspirations. To help your students reach their goals, you need reliable assessments that will provide actionable data on student learning outcomes and student success.

ETS works closely with its National Community College Advisory Council to address critical issues such as student achievement, college and workforce readiness, and institutional effectiveness. The Council is made up of chancellors and presidents from leading community colleges as well as representatives from the principal community college organizations, including the American Association of Community Colleges and the League for Innovation in the Community College.

Our TouchPoint Assessment Portfolio can be used to:

  • improve retention and graduation rates
  • make more informed placement decisions
  • provide hard evidence for accreditation and accountability purposes

These tools can help you demonstrate your institution’s success in driving student learning and achievement.

Inform Placement Decisions and Improve Student Retention

SuccessNavigator® Assessment
The ETS SuccessNavigator assessment can help improve student retention and success. This early warning tool helps to support incoming students. Specially designed to measure proven, noncognitive predictors of college success, the SuccessNavigator assessment delivers instant, easy-to-understand reports that provide a practical plan tailored to each incoming student, so you can recommend courses and actions that will unlock their full potential.

Measure General Education Skills

HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite
Enhance the effectiveness of your general education student learning outcomes assessment plan with the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite, a comprehensive tool that works alongside your existing internal assessments to support the curriculum review process and meet accreditation and improvement objectives.

This suite of computer-delivered, modular assessments provides the valid and reliable learning outcomes data you need to inform decision making, support your educators and demonstrate the impact they're making in the classroom. Administered on campus or remotely, the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite is easy to implement and customizable.

Available assessments include Civic Competency & Engagement, Critical Thinking, Intercultural Competency & Diversity, Quantitative Literacy and Written Communication.

ETS® Proficiency Profile
The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses four core skill areas — reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking — in a single, convenient test. The assessment measures and demonstrates student learning while optimizing your time and resources.

Measure Subject Knowledge

ETS® Major Field Test for Associate Degree Business Programs
The ETS Major Field Test for Associate Degree Business Programs was developed specifically for students who are earning an associate degree in business at community colleges or two-year business programs. This outcomes assessment is designed to measure the basic knowledge and understanding achieved by students in their Associate Degree Business Program. Testing is available online and in paper-and-pencil format.

Enhance Assessment Planning

ETS® Assessment Insights Workshops

Designed to help faculty and administrators create effective assessment processes and understand the best practices in measuring student learning outcomes, these workshop sessions can be tailored to address your institution’s unique assessment challenges. Working with their own data, participants can create an assessment plan that optimizes their institutional resources.

ETS offers flexible full- and half-day training options, allowing institutions to select the workshop that best fits their unique needs and goals. Workshop content can cover Fundamentals & New Techniques, Measuring Student Learning, The Assessment Process with Improvement in Mind, Effective Data Use and more.

Survey Students on Course Effectiveness

SIR II Report (Student Instructional Report)
The SIR II course evaluation survey objectively captures students’ perceptions of their higher education learning experiences. It helps postsecondary schools assess the quality of educational instruction, reward teaching excellence and strengthen academic programs. It is available online and in paper-and-pencil format. The e-SIR version is designed specifically for distance-learning courses, giving your institution even more flexibility.

Provide Detailed Diagnostic Writing Feedback

Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service
The Criterion service is a web-based application that evaluates a student's writing skills and, within seconds, provides diagnostic feedback and a holistic score. Students use the Criterion service to plan, write and revise essays using free online planning templates and writer's handbooks.