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About the ETS® Data Manager

The ETS® Data Manager for official GRE® and TOEFL® score users offers easy, on-demand, secure access to score information and test-taker data — free to institutions and organizations that have a GRE or TOEFL score reporting code.

Viewing Scores Online

After signing in to the ETS Data Manager, approved users can quickly and conveniently view GRE or TOEFL score information currently being sent to them by ETS. Learn more about accessing scores online through the ETS Data Manager.

Requesting Access to the ETS Data Manager

Maintaining data integrity and test-taker privacy is very important to ETS, and we know it is important to all higher education professionals. It is critical to safeguard the information made available through the ETS Data Manager. Each institution or organization receiving GRE and/or TOEFL scores directly from ETS is asked to identify one or more Lead Administrators for each testing program (GRE and TOEFL) who will be responsible for managing data access privileges for the institution.

If your institution is authorized to receive GRE and/or TOEFL scores and you have an official ETS Designated Institution (DI) or Attending Institution (AI) score delivery code, complete this form to request access to the ETS Data Manager.

Lead Administrator and Secondary User Roles

To access the ETS Data Manager, your institution will need to designate at least one Lead Administrator to access score information and manage Secondary Users. Secondary Users can also access score data online but aren't responsible for approving and managing who has access to the data. Learn more about the Lead Administrator and Secondary User Roles.

Automated Server-to-Server Data Feeds

In addition to accessing scores online, institutions can also choose to receive test-taker score data via an automated download from ETS's server to the institution's server. Learn more about the automated server-to-server score feeds.

Becoming a Score User

If your institution does not currently receive GRE and/or TOEFL scores, go to the appropriate testing program's information page to complete an online application:

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Sign in to the ETS Institution Portal

Sign in or request access to the ETS Data Manager in the ETS Institution Portal below.

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