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Lead Administrator and Secondary User Roles

Lead Administrators

To access the ETS® Data Manager, your institution will need to designate at least one Lead Administrator. Lead Administrators are institutional representatives who are responsible for approving and managing access to online score data at their institution. They can:

  • access score data for their institution
  • approve access to score data and other services for Secondary Users
  • create new users directly in the portal to allow immediate access to score data
  • share a link with their staff or faculty to complete a Request Form to access score data online
  • modify users' profiles and deactivate users' access when users leave the institution or change positions
  • reset passwords on behalf of users

Additionally, Lead Administrators can use the permissions feature to customize viewing privileges based on the institution's unique needs or policies. With this feature, Lead Administrators can control Secondary Users' access by assessment type (GRE® tests and/or TOEFL® test) and data type (score data, photos, etc.). This entire process allows for ease of use and data availability throughout the institution, but leaves the institution completely in control of who in their organization sees what data.

Institutions can have more than one Lead Administrator for each testing program.

Institutions can also have different Lead Administrators for each institution type (such as graduate school, business school or undergraduate).

Secondary Users

Your institution will need to decide whether you will also designate Secondary Users to use the ETS Data Manager in addition to the Lead Administrator(s). Secondary Users are institutional representatives who need to access score data online but aren't responsible for approving and managing who has access to score data for their institution. Secondary Users can access score data and other services that their Lead Administrator approves for them. Your institution can designate as many Secondary Users as you need to ensure appropriate access to GRE and TOEFL scores across the institution.

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