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Scores Online Through the ETS® Data Manager

The ETS® Data Manager makes it easy for approved users to view either GRE® or TOEFL® score information currently being sent to them by ETS. It allows for fast and convenient viewing capabilities, quick lookup of test-taker information, and easy sorting and filtering of data. This new service does not affect how you are currently receiving GRE and TOEFL scores. Rather, it is designed to be a complementary service to further enhance your current admissions, approval or other processes and support the existing GRE and TOEFL score reporting services.

Approved users of the ETS Data Manager can do the following without encryption software:

  • view individual score reports online
  • view and download rosters of test takers, including score data
  • download score reports or score report data in multiple formats, including Microsoft® Excel, PDF and the Scorelink® service
  • print score reports
  • receive automated server-to-server data feeds
  • listen to 1-minute samples from test takers’ Speaking responses
  • view test-taker photos
  • view GRE Analytical Writing essay responses
  • view pre-defined quick summary data reports (GRE scores only) and create custom summary data reports

It is important to note that a test taker's score information appears in the ETS Data Manager only if the test taker specifically directed ETS to send scores to that institution.

Special note for TOEFL score users in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates: For information on viewing TOEFL scores online, email

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