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ETS® Data Manager

On-demand, secure access to GRE® and TOEFL® scores and test-taker data

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Viewing Scores Online Through the ETS Data Manager

The ETS® Data Manager makes it easy for approved score users to view GRE® or TOEFL® score information currently being sent to them by ETS. This service doesn’t affect how you currently receive GRE and TOEFL scores; it’s designed to further enhance your current admissions, approval or other processes and support the existing GRE and TOEFL score reporting services.

Score reporting runs occur twice a week for GRE and daily for TOEFL, and scores appear in the ETS Data Manager within 24 hours of each score reporting run.

GRE scores are reportable for 5 years following the test date. Reported scores (and Analytical Writing essay responses) remain in a GRE score user’s account for up to 6 years following the test taker’s test date.

TOEFL scores are reportable for up to 2 years.

Features of ETS Data Manager

All approved users of the ETS Data Manager can do all the following without encryption software:

  • view and print individual score reports
  • view and download rosters of test takers, including score data
  • download score reports or score report data in multiple formats, including Microsoft® Excel, PDF and the Scorelink® service
  • receive scores via automated server-to-server data feeds.

GRE score users can also:

  • view predefined quick summary data reports
  • view color photos of test takers (available to users who have been given permission)
  • view and print GRE Analytical Writing essay responses (available to users who have been given permission)

TOEFL score users can also:

  • view color photos of test takers
  • listen to 1-minute Speaking samples
  • view writing samples
  • view MyBest® scores
  • view test takers’ Personal Video Statements (TOEFL® Essentials only)
  • view measures of foundational skills (TOEFL Essentials only)

Remember that a test taker’s score information appears in your ETS Data Manager account only if they directed ETS to send scores to your institution. For TOEFL scores, you can also view scores through the Online Score Verification Service using identifying information from a test taker’s score report.