iSkills™ Format

The iSkills™ assessment is the only test of critical thinking skills in a digital environment that simulates real-world scenarios to get a true measure of your students' knowledge of and ability to function in today's data-rich world.

Unlike other assessments of ICT literacy, the iSkills assessment uses scenarios that require students to complete specific tasks rather than answer multiple-choice questions.

The test is formatted as follows:

Delivery method Online
Administration method Proctored – On-campus
Can be given in one or two sessions

Proctored – Off-campus (using a remote proctor) — Coming Soon!
Must be administered in one session
Test length 60 minutes; allow approximately 75 minutes for demographic questionnaire and other test-related activities
Task types 14 short tasks that take approximately 4 minutes each
Score availability Scores are available immediately
Minimum number of test takers for meaningful and stable results on aggregated score reports 50
Certificate of Achievement Available for three different performance levels

For more information about the test, review the Procedures section of this website or contact an ETS Advisor.