Procedures to Administer the iSkills™ Assessment

The iSkills™ assessment has no preset test administration dates, allowing you the flexibility to administer the test according to your schedule. We recommend administering the tests during ETS’s Technical Support hours of operation, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. ET. Extended support hours are available on request. Call 1-855-264-9615 or email for more information.

Computer Readiness Steps

Certain steps must be taken to set up each computer prior to test administration. Minimum system requirements must be met and a secure browser must be installed. The secure browser locks the computer into full screen to prevent a test taker from exiting the test. This ensures fairness and validity of results in a timed environment.

Follow the steps below for each computer used during test administration to ensure it is configured correctly.

  1. Run the System Check to verify that a computer meets minimum system requirements. View System Requirements.
  2. Access the iSkills Secure Browser application for installation and FAQs about the secure browser residing on your computer.

Procedure Manuals

Refer to the materials listed below as you prepare to administer the iSkills assessment.

Existing customers may access the system directly.

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