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ETS® K–12 Student Assessment Programs

Informed decisions through exceptional insights

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We maintain a longstanding commitment to designing and delivering assessments that reflect the work that occurs in the classroom while providing you with better information from which to make more informed decisions.


Thought Leadership

Knowing what you need to measure is important. How you measure student learning and how you intend to use the results are equally important. Explore the latest ideas and innovative methods of our planning capabilities.


Assessment development

Sound test creation is key to fostering positive attitudes toward testing. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to test development — ensuring what is measured is measured well and fairly. Learn more about our assessment development capabilities.


Item development

The foundation of fair, valid and reliable assessments is high-quality test items. Discover how we lead the field in writing test items.


Scoring and reporting

Designed for speed and accuracy, our scoring and reporting processes deliver valid results in a timely fashion. Learn more about our scoring and reporting capabilities.


Let us know how we can help you with our K–12 assessment solutions.

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