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ETS® K–12 Student Assessment Programs

Informed decisions through exceptional insights

Select a topic below to learn more about the K–12 Student Assessment Programs.


Scoring and Reporting

Each year, ETS delivers millions of scores to individuals and educational institutions using numerous scoring methods and through a variety of reporting formats.


Selecting the best scoring method format

We can help you select scoring methods that are efficient, cost-effective and appropriate to both the test item and the purpose of the assessment.

  • Machine scoring: We score millions of multiple-choice tests each year in paper-delivered and computer-delivered formats. We can help you with security concerns regarding transportation of forms. Our high-speed scanning process provides you with fast and accurate results.
  • Human scorers: We support distributed scoring for your teachers to score constructed-response and performance tasks remotely. You can elect to use trained ETS scorers for some high-stakes assessments.
  • Automated scoring: Our holistic writing scoring processes can accurately evaluate written student responses and provide qualitative feedback and quantitative scores for students and teachers.

Data, information and reports

Data reporting from ETS can be scaled to meet the objectives of your assessment. We possess the capacity to support tiered, secure, client-defined access to data reports for stakeholder groups with:

  • printable reports in traditional formats for parents, teachers and administrators
  • data dashboards and information systems that display learning trends and drill down reporting

Psychometric services

We can support your assessment program with a full range of psychometric services, including:

  • equating and scaling analyses
  • validating test items
  • performing normative studies
  • analyzing test data (through classical and item-response theory)
  • equating test forms
  • performing standard-setting activities
  • providing longitudinal studies


Let us know how we can help you with our K–12 assessment solutions.

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