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Past Conferences


General Conferences and Events
Event Date Location
California Teacher of the Year (CATOY) 2016 Feb 15, 2016 Sacramento, CA

K–12 Education

K–12 Education Conferences and Events
Event Date Location
National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA) 2016 Jun 20, 2016–Jun 22, 2016 Philadelphia PA
Association of Test Publishers (ATP) Mar 20, 2016–Mar 23, 2016 Orlando, FL
Mini Maryland Assessment Group (MAG) Mar 19, 2016 Wye Mills, MD
University of Texas at San Antonio 2016 Feb 23, 2016 San Antonio, TX
2016 30th Annual Texas Assessment Conference & 27th Annual Texas Association of Collegiate Testing Personnel Conference (TACTP) Feb 14, 2016–Feb 17, 2016 Austin, TX
Maryland Assessment Group (MAG) Oct 19, 2015–Oct 21, 2015 Ocean City, MD