ETS Creates New Center for Advocacy and Philanthropy


Princeton, NJ (May 23, 2013) —

Kurt Landgraf, ETS President and CEO, announced today the creation of the ETS Center for Advocacy and Philanthropy. The center will focus on activities to bring about solutions and long-term results for students and groups with the least resources and educational opportunities.

The center will replace and build upon ETS’s Social Investment Fund (SIF) and its recently expanded work, especially in connecting ETS's philanthropic giving to education advocacy for disadvantaged groups in the United States. Most recently, SIF played an important role in the Advocacy for Education and Assessments initiative led by Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Yvette Donado.

"Using philanthropy and advocacy to help mitigate educational challenges for disadvantaged populations is precisely what ETS should be doing to help bring about change," Landgraf states. "The Advocacy for Education and Assessments initiative, started by Yvette in July 2012, has received wide acclaim, and SIF played a large part in achieving those results. Major groups now see ETS not just as an assessment company; they now understand that we have a strengthened social mission, which is at the heart of everything we do."

"When SIF was established seven years ago, its primary focus was on philanthropy and local community service," says Donado. "Its community relations work has since evolved to a broader, national and more strategically focused program. The change in SIF's name and its focus is a logical evolution, and the new center is a better descriptor of its roles and current activities."

Lenora Green, currently ETS's Director of Community Relations, has been appointed Senior Director of the center, reporting to David Hobson, Corporate Secretary.

"Among the center's objectives will be to build ETS's contributions as an educational advocate for disadvantaged groups and to identify, support and help replicate programs that are achieving results. The center will continue to provide philanthropic support to organizations whose goals are aligned with our own," states Green. "In addition, our commitment to our local communities, volunteerism and employee giving remains unchanged. We also see some tremendously successful programs on a national level, and one of our goals is to help bring those programs to our local communities in order to help them advance their education goals."

The center's functions include:

  • Serving as a central point at ETS for gathering, organizing and assuring coordinated use of programs, outreach and other initiatives
  • Gathering and disseminating external research and program initiatives on the education needs of disadvantaged populations
  • Employing strategically focused grants to selected organizations to recognize their success and promote the sharing of best practices
  • Anticipating, responding to and helping marshal resources to address the educational implications of rapid demographic growth in disadvantaged communities

The center will collaborate both internally and externally with organizations on studies, conferences and other initiatives to promote solutions to education needs.

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