Trenton High School Valedictorian Awarded Full College Scholarship


Princeton, N.J. (June 21, 2012) —

Jayah Feliciano, 18, of Trenton has been awarded the 2012 ETS Scholarship at the Annual Awards Night Program at Trenton Central High School. Feliciano plans to attend Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in the fall. This is the eighth year that ETS has provided the scholarship. 

Feliciano is a graduating senior at Trenton Central High School and Class of 2012 Valedictorian. The ETS scholarship includes tuition and fees for earning her baccalaureate degree, housing, meals, books, transportation, a computer and a monthly stipend. 

To qualify for the scholarship, interested Trenton High School students sat for a proctored exam in February,where they were asked to respond to an essay question in 500 words: "Upon graduating from college, how would you use your power, skills and influence to change your community or the world to make it abetter place?"

Essays were read and evaluated by a team that included a member of the high school's guidance department, an administrator from Mercer County Community College and an ETS assessment specialist. The committee narrowed the essays down to five and then weighed transcripts, GPA, and class rank to identify the top student. 

In her essay, Feliciano wrote about the challenges of learning in unsupportive surroundings where some teachers had no confidence in the success of their students. Despite this and with encouragement from her mother, Feliciano excelled by working hard and seeking out those who could help her succeed.

"My goal is to become a public school principal so I can use my power to hire good teachers and guidance counselors who are passionate about helping children," Feliciano wrote. "I chose Bryn Mawr because it seemed like the best fit in its ability to strengthen and further my development to becoming an urban educator. I am looking to work with children and the ETS scholarship will allow me to accomplish my dreams."

"It was obvious to me from the response of the other students that Feliciano was the best choice and that her colleagues wished only the best future for her," commented Laurie Russell, ETS Community Service Director, as the scholarship winner was announced at the awards ceremony. "It is ambitious and driven students like Jayah who are an inspiration to other students all around them. ETS is proud to support such fine achievement and the promise it holds for continued hard work and initiative in the future."   

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