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ETS® K–12 Student Assessment Programs

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Teacher Solutions

The classroom experience is changing at a rapid rate. Let ETS help you keep up with it.



Improve formative assessment practices with PlanWise — a Chrome™ Extension for Google Docs™ that meets teachers where they already are … right in their lesson plans. Eliminating the need to search the internet for formative assessment practices and strategies, the PlanWise (PDF) tool features 6 critical formative assessment practices:

  • Using Learning Goals with Your Students
  • Eliciting Evidence of Student Understanding
  • Engaging Students in Peer Feedback
  • Engaging Students in Student Self-Assessment
  • Providing Formative Feedback to Students
  • Pre-Assessing Student Understanding

The ETS Assessment Literacy Modules

When is benchmark assessment appropriate to use? Does formative assessment include more than just quizzes? Delivered through video, audio and reflection activities, these questions and more are answered through the ETS Assessment Literacy Modules (PDF) — 10 modules that build teachers’ expertise in different types of assessments that comprise a balanced assessment system:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the ETS Assessment Literacy Modules
  • Module 2: A Balanced Assessment System
  • Module 3: Characteristics of Good Assessment Design and Use
  • Module 4: Formative Assessment
  • Module 5: Formative Pre-assessment Strategies
  • Module 6: Performance Assessment
  • Module 7: Classroom Summative Assessment
  • Module 8: Interim Assessment
  • Module 9: State Summative Assessment
  • Module 10: Putting It All Together


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