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How to Obtain Permission to Use ETS Copyrighted Material

  1. Select the correct permissions request form.
  2. Fill out the form, including the section about how you plan to use our material.
    • Describe how you want to use the material (e.g., in a book, a newsletter, research, test preparation or other).
    • Explain if you plan to charge a fee, directly or indirectly, such as through test-preparation courses.
    • Be specific and indicate your deadline.
    • Make sure to fill out all sections. Requests may be denied or responses delayed if you have not provided all necessary information.
  3. Submit your form. We will respond to your request in writing within 2 to 4 weeks of the date when we receive your request.

Be sure to read the ETS Licensing Policies

You will be required to make appropriate informational use of our trademarks  and to use the credit line and disclaimer that ETS will provide. Based on your use of our copyrighted material, a fee may be required.

Permissions requests to use ETS copyrighted materials on the web will not be granted.


Contact the Permissions Administrator:

Fax: 1-609-683-2930