Preparing for the ETS Literacy Tests

We have two sets of materials available to help you prepare for the literacy tests: sample questions and a tutorial.

Sample Questions

We have developed a demo with sample versions of the questions you can expect to find on the literacy tests. These include prose, document, quantitative and health questions.

To view the sample questions, first click the button below to go to the ETS® Literacy Services screen. Then click the Sample Test Questions button at the bottom of that screen to view the literacy demo.

View Sample Test Questions


To prepare for any of the literacy tests, you can view a tutorial that allows you to learn how to answer the questions in the tests and review basic mouse skills if you are a new computer user.

Start the Flash Tutorial


Once you start the tutorial, you can navigate through it in the following ways:

  • Press the Enter key to move between screens in the first section.
  • Click "Skip Tutorial" to skip the first section.
  • In the second section, click "Next" to go to the next question.
  • Hold down the ALT key while pressing F4 to close the browser window if you would like to exit before completing the demo.

System Requirements

To run either the sample questions or the tutorial, your system will need to meet the system requirements.