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Demonstrate program effectiveness with the ETS® Major Field Tests

Trusted by educators and institutions for more than 20 years, the ETS® Major Field Tests help you assess the effectiveness of your program and evaluate student performance so you can improve curricula and student learning outcomes.

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Meet requirements for accreditation and accountability to stakeholders.

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Measure critical knowledge and understanding that students acquire in their major field of study

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Evaluate and inform teaching and learning to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement




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ETS® Proficiency Profile

A general education outcomes assessment that institutions use for evaluating and informing teaching and learning, strategic planning, measurement of student performance and accreditation.

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Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service

A web-based application that evaluates a student’s writing skills and provides immediate diagnostic feedback and a holistic score.

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Join over 3,000 programs and hundreds of thousands of students who have benefitted from the industry-leading insights delivered by the ETS Major Field Tests. 

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