ETS® Major Field Tests Case Studies

Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland
Faculty in the psychology department at Washington College wanted hard data on their students' ability to master their major. The information would indicate areas of strength and weakness within their program. George Spillich, John Toll Professor of Psychology states, "The administration touts our department as the gold standard for program evaluation at our institution." He continued, "We couple the Major Field Tests with our own outcomes measures and the result is that we feel we have a very sensitive barometer of the learning of our students." Assessing student learning outcomes had a direct impact on the psychology department's curriculum and future faculty hires.

Troy University, Troy, Alabama
With 20 domestic and 11 international campuses, Troy had the challenge of finding an assessment tool to gauge the consistency of learning outcomes (globally) for its business majors. ETS's history and reputation made the Major Field Tests for Business a natural choice for Troy. The school administers the Major Field Tests for Business to more than 1,500 undergraduate and graduate business majors annually, and uses the data to evaluate and refine curricula. According to the dean of the business school, Troy has seen improvement in student performance and has added a second finance course since adding the ETS Major Field Test for Business to the curriculum.

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