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ETS® Major Field Tests

Demonstrate program effectiveness and evaluate student performance

Select a topic to see how the ETS® Major Field Tests can help you improve curricula and student learning outcomes.


Administering the ETS Major Field Tests

Access the Major Field Tests Administrator Portal

Order tests, manage test administrations, find helpful FAQs, run reports and more through Program Workshop, your administrator portal.

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Flexible administration options

The Major Field Tests offer greater flexibility to meet your testing needs by allowing you to select when, where and how you administer the assessment. Institutions typically have their students take the Major Field Tests during their final year of study, after they successfully complete most of their major's required courses. However, there are no preset test administration dates — testing is conducted at your convenience, either onsite or remotely via computer, to meet your specific scheduling and staffing needs.

There are three types of administrations, all of which are proctored:

  • on-campus paper tests
  • on-campus online tests
  • off-campus online tests

Off-campus testing

Major Field Tests can be administered online using remote proctoring, allowing you to assess your entire population regardless of physical location.

Learn more about off-campus testing:

Off-Campus Testing Information for Institutions

Learn about the options for off-campus testing and find helpful resources.

Off-campus Testing Information for Test Takers

Find information to help test takers get ready for test day, including what to bring on test day, policies and procedures, and ID requirements.


All the procedures you need to know to administer the Major Field Tests are housed in Program Workshop in the Help Folder and the Remote Proctoring Resources Folder. Resources include:

  • the ETS® Major Field Tests Administration Manual.
  • proctor scripts for online and paper versions.
  • materials to help you determine which remote proctoring option is best for you.
  • step-by-step instructions to share with test takers.

Disability accommodations

ETS offers accommodations for students with disabilities or health-related needs. Learn more about available accommodations and requesting alternate formats.

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