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ETS® Major Field Tests

Demonstrate program effectiveness and evaluate student performance

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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities or Health-related Needs

You should make arrangements for administering the ETS Major Field Tests to students with disabilities or health-related needs in the same way you would make arrangements for administering other important local tests.


Available accommodations

The most common request is for extra time and that can be accomplished at the discretion of the institution. Time extensions are available for 1 1/2 or 2 times the normal test time.

For students who have difficulty filling in the bubbles on answer sheets, we suggest that students who are able to do so circle their answers in the test book. After the testing session, the test administrator would need to transfer the answers to an answer sheet for processing by ETS. The student's test book should be attached to the answer sheet. At the discretion of the institution, a reader or scribe may also be assigned to work with the student.

The Major Field Tests online system offers a zoom capability to magnify the screen display and to reverse foreground and background colors (changing black-on-white to white-on-black and vice versa) when desired. For those students not testing online, the Major Field Tests are also available in braille, in large print and in audio format. If a reader is required, you must contact ETS to request a reader script.


Requesting alternate formats

Requests for alternate formats must be made in advance to allow ETS time to process the request and create the necessary materials. Suggested time frames are as follows:

  • large print tests — 8 weeks in advance
  • reader scripts — 12 weeks in advance
  • braille or audio formats — 12 to 14 weeks in advance

For more information

For additional information on testing accommodations for students with disability or health-related needs, contact an ETS Advisor.