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ETS® Major Field Tests

Demonstrate program effectiveness and evaluate student performance

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Off-campus Testing Information for Institutions

By offering the off-campus testing option to your students, you can administer proctored tests to your entire population regardless of their physical location — enabling you to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of your program.

  • Reach a broader range of your students, including those who are not geographically near your campus testing center.
  • Combine off-campus with on-campus testing in one cohort so you can review the effectiveness of your program for your entire population under proctored conditions using an aggregate report.
  • Add even more convenience without losing valuable classroom time.

And because remote proctoring is administered using a secure browser, you can trust that off-campus tests will have the same level of security and yield the same reliable and valid data.

Institutions can choose to proctor testing sessions using our free, integrated solution with institution staff proctors or for a fee through our partner, ProctorU®.

Learn more about Pricing and Ordering for off-campus testing.


Are you a test taker who has questions about your off-campus test?

Learn more about off-campus testing, including what to bring on test day, policies and procedures, ID requirements and more.

Off-campus testing resources

There are a variety of resources housed in the Remote Proctoring Resources folder, accessible in Program Workshop, your administrator portal.

  • Whether you use ETS's integrated solution or test with ProctorU, the Resources for Institution Administrators provides step-by-step instructions for conducting online test administrations.
  • Whichever option you choose, the Resources to Share with Test Takers provides step-by-step instructions to provide to students.

Have questions?

For more information about off-campus testing, contact an ETS Advisor.