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ETS® Major Field Tests

Demonstrate program effectiveness and evaluate student performance

Select a topic to see how the ETS® Major Field Tests can help you improve curricula and student learning outcomes.


Major Field Tests Scores and Reports

The ETS Major Field Tests provide valid, actionable data that help institutions:

  • track longitudinal performance to assess program improvement
  • evaluate and inform teaching and learning
  • demonstrate program strengths and identify areas for improvement
  • meet requirements for accreditation
  • measure program effectiveness against similar institutions nationwide

There are several different types of reports available that provide customizable data to help you further evaluate and improve your program.

Learn more about Major Field Test scoring and reporting.

How the Tests are Scored

Find information about various types of scores, what scores mean, and appropriate score use and interpretation.


Learn about the different types of reports available to you, including comparative data, and see sample reports for each test.

Receiving Scores

Find out how and when you’ll receive score reports.


Join over 3,000 programs and hundreds of thousands of students who have benefitted from the industry-leading insights delivered by the ETS Major Field Tests. 

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