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More than Half of American Bar Association-Accredited Law Schools Now Accept the GRE® test for Use in Law School Admissions


100 of the 199 ABA®-accredited law schools in the United States use the GRE test in law admissions



Media Contact: Kristen Mitchell


Princeton, NJ, USA (October 4, 2022) – ETS announced today that more than half (100) of the 199 American Bar Association (ABA)-accredited law schools now accept the GRE® test for use in law school admissions. This represents a significant milestone for both the GRE test and ETS as institutions and academic decision makers across the country continue to reaffirm the value the test provides in forging opportunity and increasing diversity for law school aspirants worldwide.

“The growth of GRE acceptance among law schools is indicative of schools’ desires to increase access to legal education and attract a larger, more diverse applicant pool,” said Alberto Acereda, Associate Vice President of Global Higher Education at ETS. “Over the past several years, the GRE test has helped law schools to identify and admit increasingly diverse candidates, helping to bolster the law field of the future. We look forward to continued growth as we work alongside key members of the legal education community to serve them in new and different ways.”

In 2016, the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law became the first law school to pilot the use of the GRE test as part of its admissions practice, setting the trend for what would later be increasing adoption of the test by law schools across the country, as well as internationally. The November 2021 decision by the ABA to confirm the use of the GRE test in law school admissions, in lieu of the LSAT®, further demonstrated confidence in the test’s validity and the appropriateness of using it for law admissions. The 100th ABA-accredited law school to accept the GRE test for admission was Drake University Law School.

The full list of law schools, including non ABA- accredited and international institutions, currently accepting the GRE test for admission can be found, here:

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