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TOEIC® Speaking Test Revisions Beginning August 7


June 21, 2021 – ETS and the TOEIC® program announced today several revisions to the TOEIC® Speaking test — part of an ongoing effort to align its assessments with the continuously evolving landscape of English learning and usage.



Beginning worldwide August 7, 2021, test takers can expect the following changes:

  • Elimination of the “Propose a Solution” task type
  • Addition of one question to the “Describe a Picture” task type
  • Reduction of response time for questions associated with the “Describe a Picture” task type from 45 seconds to 30 seconds

These changes do not affect the test difficulty range, score scale, test levels, level descriptors, mapping tables or official score certificates and reports.

“Reviewing the TOEIC test, testing experience and accompanying policies and procedures is an important exercise to ensuring that our assessment meets the needs of test takers and score users worldwide,” says Dr. Feng Yu, Executive Director of the TOEIC program at ETS. “We’re confident these changes will be seamlessly implemented and positively received by test takers as they look to demonstrate their English-speaking ability for workplace communication.”

About the TOEIC® Program

For more than 40 years as an industry leader, the TOEIC® program has set the global standard for assessing English-language communication skills needed in the workplace and everyday life. The TOEIC assessments are the most widely used around the world, with 14,000+ organizations across more than 160 countries trusting TOEIC scores to inform the decisions that matter. For more information on the TOEIC program, visit