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whats possible Mary Brown

ETS Spotlight: Life Pieces to Masterpieces

December 8, 2021

For over 25 years, Life Pieces to Masterpieces has utilized the power behind a paint brush to fuel artistic expression and develop character and leadership in Black boys and young men. After witnessing the number of Black men being affected by systemic racism and negative depictions in the media, Mary Brown, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Life Pieces to Masterpieces, made it her mission to create meaningful change in the lives of young people and their families.

Brown believes when young Black men grow up surrounded by love, security and expression, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. As Life Pieces to Masterpieces continues to embrace and build the upcoming generation of Black boys and young men, the organization is determined to further mold them into catalysts for positive change in the world. ETS is proud to be a supporter of organizations like Life Pieces to Masterpieces that are making a difference in marginalized communities. Learn more about Life Pieces to Masterpieces’ mission and work.