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ETS Spotlight: Opportunity Junction

December 8, 2021

Founded on the values of community, empowerment, impact and integrity, ETS Opportunity Junction believes everyone who works hard deserves the opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, many encounter internal barriers, such as a lack of skills or confidence, that prevent them from gaining long-lasting careers. After working with low-income individuals in her previous role as an attorney, Alissa Friedman, President & CEO of Opportunity Junction, became even more aware of the growing need for effective training and support for job seekers in the Contra Costa, California area — the community that Opportunity Junction serves.

As individuals grow in their careers, Opportunity Junction collaborates with community members to help job seekers gain financial security through comprehensive programs and equitable opportunities. Recognizing that each job seeker has unique aspirations and experience, Opportunity Junction aims to build on prospective employees’ strengths so they’re able to thrive in the job market and achieve self-sustaining employment. ETS is proud to support organizations like Opportunity Junction that are making a difference in their communities. Learn more about Opportunity Junction’s mission and work.