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whats possible Pastor Keith Davis

ETS Spotlight: The Camden Dream CDF Freedom School

December 8, 2021

Founded in 2010, the Camden Dream CDF Freedom School passionately serves the South Jersey community by providing cutting-edge, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curricula to students of all ages to prepare them for higher education, along with the information technology and internet of things (IoT) workforce. As Co-Executive Director of the Camden Dream CDF Freedom School, Pastor Keith Davis appreciates being a part of and observing the program’s initiatives in inspiring individuals and families in the city of Camden.

Understanding that 40% of Camden residents live in poverty and 33% do not have high school diplomas, the Camden Dream CDF Freedom School is driven to continue providing a unique approach to broadening STEM literacy within underrepresented communities. ETS is proud to support the Camden Dream CDF Freedom School because it is not only equipping today’s learners for success in academic settings, but in life beyond the classroom as well. Learn more about The Camden Dream CDF Freedom School’s mission, programs and community impact.