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whats possible Wade Henderson

Pipplet & ETS: Proud of Our Progress

December 8, 2021

Since September 2015, we’ve been on a journey to help individuals gain language certification and companies assess job candidates’ language fluency, and our last year has been one of our most transformative yet. Since joining forces with ETS and ETS Global B.V., we are continuing to grow our business to new heights, and we’re capping off a year of growth, pride and progress. The merger transformed our team’s capacity to captivate global attention in the language assessment market.

Here are just some of the accomplishments we achieved alongside ETS this year:

More than 60,000 tests taken

With more than 60,000 tests taken since June 2020, Pipplet has tripled its activity. This growth is in part due to our addition of 15 new language offerings and the addition of tests for the customer service, tourism and health care industries. The COVID-19 crisis had no impact on our 100% digital business and the pandemic confirmed that being digital is now a business imperative more than ever before. Online services deliver value and convenience to customers making it easier to manage responsibilities between parties, gather information, communicate and place orders, all with the click of a button.

Major corporate clients recruiting with Pipplet

Pipplet’s DNA is to provide recruiters with a simple, efficient and multilingual way to verify the foreign language skills of their candidates. With the support of ETS and ETS Global B.V., Pipplet is now a reference test for more than 1,500 companies, including Amazon®, TikTok™, Renault®, Wipro™ and Datadog™. Pipplet presents hiring teams with a simple and efficient process for verifying the foreign language skills of their candidates while preserving lean business practices in the process.

Pipplet and the TOEIC® test continue to dominate language assessments in France

In March 2021, the Caisse des Dépôts released official rankings of the top 10 most used certifications in France. Pipplet’s FLEX achieved a ranking of second most frequently administered, falling just behind the TOEIC® test which captured the number one spot. With these two programs, ETS is leading, by far, the field of language certification in France. The pairing of Pipplet and ETS has established a new vision for the standard of language evaluation. Increased expectations are taking shape, and together, Pipplet and ETS are pioneering the future.

Independent operations sustain synergy

With our acquisition by ETS Global B.V., we agreed to keep organizational structures completely independent, including management at Pipplet remaining intact. This strategy has been successful, while allowing the identification of relevant synergies, notably in terms of international business development with a strong Pipplet activity within the Polish and Turkish offices of ETS Global B.V., as well as work with the ETS Research & Development team in Princeton, N.J. Even after a year, this synergy remains.

As we continue to look to the future, we are excited to continue to reach new heights with ETS and ETS Global B.V. to offer more employers access to high-quality language certification and assessment products and services that fit their needs. In the next year, we hope to triple the number of tests administered by delivering 180,000 tests, continue to break into new industries and grow our team. We are excited for the next year ahead and hope you’ll continue to follow us along what is sure to continue to be an impactful journey!

Baptiste Derongs is the Chief Executive Officer of Pipplet. Matthieu Herman is the Chief Operating Officer of Pipplet.