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Using Internship Programs to Attract and Retain Top Talent

By Rachel Dortch, DE&I and Campus Recruiter

March 7, 2023

ETS's Talent Acquisition (TA) team aims to create an experience that attracts and connects with people who are passionate about the work the organization does and adaptable to an evolving business. To achieve this, our team at ETS works to brand our organization and develop deep networks of talent, even when we are not hiring. This helps ensure that when ETS needs to pivot and hire quickly, we have the connections and the brand equity to do so effectively.

One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is by investing in comprehensive internship programs. Studies have shown that these programs provide employers with an opportunity to work with bright talent and benefit from fresh perspectives, while also providing branding and publicity to an audience who can amplify positive experiences. For interns, well-designed internship programs offer exposure to specific job areas, project-based learning and holistic development.

At ETS, our internship program is designed to provide these benefits and more. Interns have many opportunities to strengthen relationships with their cohort and employees inside and outside their departments, while exploring career options, building a professional network, developing key skills, and preparing for the workforce. The presence of interns can often positively impact the department they work in, as they bring fresh ideas and help increase team productivity.

When interns have positive experiences, they become ambassadors and brand managers, sharing their stories with other students, faculty and staff when they return to their campus. This contributes to a positive reputation for the organization and helps attract future talent.

Internship programs are a win-win for both organizations and interns. Investing in a comprehensive internship program like ETS’s is an important step toward attracting and retaining top talent.