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About the ETS®NOTE Program

About the ETS® NOTE Assessment

Used for the licensing and certification process, the ETS® NOTE program is designed to evaluate prospective teachers’ ability to translate their knowledge of content and teaching into effective practice in the classroom.

The first assessment available from the NOTE program is the ETS® NOTE Elementary Education: Practices for Teaching Content assessment. The Elementary Education: Practices for Teaching Content assessment is designed to assess prospective elementary teachers' ability to carry out three high-leverage practices (HLPs):

  • modeling and explaining content
  • leading group discussion
  • eliciting student thinking

These practices are central to classroom teaching at the elementary level. Learn more about the NOTE program.


ETS NOTE program scoring methods vary depending on the type of tasks required of teacher candidates. For more information about the scoring process, and to read about how you will receive and interpret candidate scores, see Scores.

State Testing Requirements

Each state and licensing organization determines its own certification and ETS NOTE program passing score requirements. For more information about certification requirements approved by your state, please contact your state’s Department of Education.

Services and Tools

ETS offers a variety of helpful services to institutions and other ETS NOTE program clients. To learn about these services, including Title II Reporting, ETS® Data Manager score reporting and analysis, and data requests, see Services and Tools.


ETS offers a variety of resources — such as newsletters, flyers and videos — that outline the theory, structure and development of the ETS NOTE program. To download, visit Resources.

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