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At nonprofit ETS, we believe in the power of learning, and we are passionate about our mission to advance quality and equity in education for all people worldwide. We strive to provide innovative and meaningful measurement solutions that improve teaching and learning, expand educational opportunities and inform policy. In creating the ETS® NOTE program, ETS is working with two industry leaders to develop the skills of teachers: TeachingWorks and Mursion®.

About TeachingWorks

TeachingWorks is a national organization founded and directed by Deborah Ball and housed at the University of Michigan’s School of Education. TeachingWorks is focused on ensuring that every child gets skillful teaching every year by helping to build a strong, professional infrastructure for the training, development and assessment of teaching practice. Made up of teachers, teacher educators and researchers, TeachingWorks brings to the NOTE program an understanding of teaching grounded in practice. Along with other expert collaborators from around the country, they are helping ETS to develop tests that assess the high-leverage practices and content knowledge that are critical to effective teaching.

About Mursion

Mursion is a leader in the creation of immersive simulators for professional training and assessment. Building on innovative work at the University of Central Florida to create a classroom simulator, known as TLE TeachLivE®, Mursion has worked with ETS to develop classroom simulations to be used in the NOTE program. The program offers a new simulation-based assessment of teaching practices that provides authentic classroom challenges.