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ETS® NOTE Program Resources

The following resources detail the theory, structure and development of the ETS® NOTE program. If you need additional support, please contact us.

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RFP/RFI White Paper

The RFP/RFI White Paper contains guidelines for producing RFPs and RFIs related to Teacher Licensure Assessment Programs.

Informational Flyer

This ETS® NOTE Program Informational Flyer provides an overview of the NOTE Elementary Education: Practices for Teaching Content assessment, and insight into how it works along with a brief description of each included high-leverage practice (HLP).

Sample Videos

The NOTE Elementary Education assessment measures prospective elementary teachers' ability to carry out three HLPs in reading and language arts, and in mathematics. View the videos below to see a sample performance of each task.

Modeling and Explaining Content Task

View transcript.

Leading Group Discussion Task

View transcript.

Eliciting Student Thinking Task

View transcript.

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