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The ParaPro Assessment

Demonstrate your essential knowledge and skills


ParaPro Scores

Your ParaPro scores demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable in reading, writing and math and capable of assisting in classroom instructions. ParaPro scores are trusted and reliable, and they’re valid for 10 years.

Getting Your Scores

Unofficial scores are available after taking the test. Official score reports are sent approximately 2–3 weeks after your test.

Sending Your Scores

If you need to send your scores to more than one school, you can order additional score reports for tests taken within the past 10 years.

Understanding Your Scores

You received your score report, but what does it all mean? Find out what your score report includes and how to determine if you passed.

Cancellation of scores due to test retake policy violation

Whether you test at home or a test center, you must wait at least 28 days after your previous test date before you take the test again. If you violate this policy, the scores from your retest will be canceled and your test fees won’t be refunded.

To learn more or for a complete look at ParaPro scoring policies, including cancellation of scores by ETS, download the ParaPro Assessment Information Bulletin (PDF).

If after reviewing the Bulletin, you have questions or need assistance, please contact the ParaPro Program.