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What to Bring

  • Dress so that you can adapt to any room temperature.
  • Bring:
  • Mechanical pencils or pens cannot be used.
  • Pencils, erasers and pens are not supplied at the test center.
  • Any phone or watch, wearable technology, or any other electronic, photographic, scanning, recording or listening devices are strictly prohibited in the test center. If you bring such a device to the test center, you will be dismissed from the test, you will forfeit your test fees, and your scores will be cancelled by ETS. If you are seen ACCESSING such a device for ANY reason, in addition to the above conditions, the device will be confiscated and inspected.
  • Besides your ID, personal items are not allowed in the testing room and will not be available to you during the test or during breaks. Secure storage space may not be available at the test center, so please plan accordingly. Test centers assume no responsibility for test-takers' personal belongings.

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