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PASL Assessment

Demonstrate your application of knowledge and relevant skills as a school leader to drive student learning

Select any step to learn more about your PASL assessment journey.


Registration for the PASL Assessment

Learn how to register online for the PASL assessment for school leaders and check your eligibility in your state.

Dates and Deadlines

View registration dates, submission windows and deadlines for your tasks.


View registration and service fees.

Disability Accommodations

View how to request disability accommodations.

Before you register

Check your eligibility in your state before you register.

If you’re seeking certification in Georgia, make sure your GaPSC MyPSC account shows that:

  • your EPP has approved you for the assessment
  • you have verified your enrollment in your preparation program

Check with your EPP if you’re not approved in the GaPSC certification system to take the PASL assessment.

ETS will verify your eligibility after you register; if you’re not approved for the assessment, your registration will be canceled.

  • If you’re seeking certification if Texas, check with your EPP to ensure that you’re approved in the state certification system to take the PASL assessment.
  • If you’re an out-of-state/out-of-country candidate, you’ll need to get testing approval by calling the Texas Education Agency (TEA®) at 1-512-936-8400 (choose Option 2:  Educator Certification).
  • If you’re already a certified Principal and want to upgrade to the Principal as Instructional Leader certificate, call the TEA for testing approval.

For more information, contact the TEA Help Desk.

How to register

For detailed instructions on how to register, view “Registration” in the Submission System User Guide (PDF).


  1. Create an ETS account.
  2. Choose your test and submission window. If the test you need to take doesn’t appear when registering, contact us. The registration deadline may have passed but late registration may be available.
  3. Select the state and educator preparation program (EPP) requiring you to take the assessment.

Candidates in Texas: If you’re seeking certification in Texas and you’re not currently enrolled in a Texas traditional or alternate route preparation program, select "Texas" and then "Prepared out-of-state.” If you’re already certified in Texas and want to upgrade to the Principal as Instructional Leader certificate, select "Texas" and then the "Prepared out-of-state” in the drop-down.


  1. Choose your four free score recipients (to be sent in addition to your EPP). If the state where you’re seeking certification has officially adopted PASL, the state agency will be an automatic score recipient.
  2. Answer the background questions and questions about your clinical experience.
  3. Pay for your test.

You’ll be able to access the assessment through your ETS account when the submission window opens.


Resubmission registration

If your assessment score falls below the passing score, you’re eligible to resubmit any or all three tasks for a fee during two resubmission windows for your registration. You’re only allowed one resubmission per task during each resubmission window.

The first resubmission window immediately follows the reporting of your total assessment scores. See Dates and Deadlines. For instructions on how to register for resubmission, view “Registration Resubmission” in the User Guide.