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PASL Assessment

Demonstrate your application of knowledge and relevant skills as a school leader to drive student learning

Select any step to learn more about your PASL assessment journey.


Library of Examples for the PASL Assessment

The Library of Examples is a collection of actual written responses submitted by PASL test takers. The responses vary in writing style and presentation, but the most important factor is how well the evidence addresses the guiding prompts and rubrics.


Comparing your responses

The examples show how other candidates responded to the guiding prompts and provide a stronger and weaker response to the same textbox. Compare your responses to determine if your work contains sufficient evidence to fully address each guiding prompt.

Remember, you should only use the examples for comparison purposes. The work you submit must be yours and yours alone. ETS uses software to scan all responses for overlap with test-taker submissions from all submission windows and from the Library of Examples. Any overlap may be investigated and your scores could be voided. See Scoring Policies.


Step 1: Identifying a Problem/ Challenge

Step 2: Researching and Developing a Plan

Step 3: Implementing the Plan

Step 4: Reflecting on the Plan and the Resolution

Step 1: Designing Building level Professional Development

Step 2: Implementing Building-level Professional Development

Step 3: Analyzing Three Participants' Responses

Step 4: Reflecting on Building-level Professional Development