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PASL Assessment

Demonstrate your application of knowledge and relevant skills as a school leader to drive student learning

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Task Requirements and Rubrics for the PASL Assessments

The PASL assessment consists of three tasks. For each task, you’ll submit written commentary and artifacts. For Task 3, you’ll also submit a video.

During your clinical experience, you should collect multiple artifacts and videos in case you need to resubmit any tasks.

Each task below has the following documents:

  • Task Requirements — activities and guiding prompts, standards and indicators measured by each task, and how to submit responses
  • Rubrics — how your evidence and responses will be scored and evaluated

Before starting the assessment, be sure to download the following:


Task 1: Problem Solving in the Field

You’ll demonstrate your ability to address and resolve a significant challenge in your school that influences instructional practice and student learning.

Task 2: Supporting Continuous Professional Development

You’ll demonstrate your skills in establishing and supporting effective professional development with staff to improve instruction and student learning.

Task 3: Creating a Collaborative Culture

You’ll demonstrate your ability to facilitate stakeholders' efforts to build a collaborative team within the school to improve instruction, student achievement and the school culture. You’ll submit a 15-minute video with this task.