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About the ETS® Professional Educator Programs

Creating a pathway to teacher licensure

Together, we face an essential challenge — how do we ensure educators are prepared to do the work of teaching in our rapidly changing world?

At ETS, we believe in the importance of the teacher licensure process, and we meet this challenge by creating a research-based portfolio of educator licensure and professional learning programs that:

  • provide a pathway to licensure for teachers from all backgrounds and experiences
  • have a greater focus on teaching practice and professional learning
  • effectively measure the development of pre-service and in-service educators on their professional journeys
  • provide reliable evidence of readiness for the classroom

These programs work together to define what good teaching looks like and to help uphold high standards of practice.

Developing effective teachers — from classroom practices to professional development

The Praxis® tests feature new practice-based items — called Content Knowledge for Teaching — that require teacher candidates to analyze student work and make choices in instructions. These questions are developed around written descriptions of authentic teaching situations.

The Praxis tests also offer a new performance assessment for teacher candidates to document the development of their professional practice during clinical placements. The PPAT® assessment can be used as a component of the licensure process and, with a formative feature, can enhance the experience of the pre-service teacher.

The ProEthica® program is the first in a series of professional learning programs. This program helps educators hone the essential professional skill of ethical decision making and is built on the Model Code of Educator Ethics. The ProEthica program can also be used in the licensure process.

Who we are

Hear from ETS staff about some of the important areas of focus for ETS that help make us who we are.

What We Do at ETS

Learn about using data on teaching to elevate the profession.

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Helping to Sustain Success

Learn about the biggest educational challenge and what is needed to sustain success.

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Addressing Diversity in the Teacher Pipeline

Learn about outreach initiatives to improve diversity in the teacher pipeline.

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