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Addressing Diversity in the Teacher Pipeline


Video duration: 0:45

On-screen: [Addressing diversity in the teacher pipeline. ETS®. ETS® Professional Educator Programs.]

Travis Rodgers [Strategic Advisor, ETS]:

ETS can address diversity in the teacher pipeline through a number of different methods. One is through our deep research. We’ve explored the best practices for recruiting teachers of color to join educator prep programs and identified some practices that we think make sense for recruiting and retaining educators of color.

Additionally, we’ve done some performance gap analysis in which we’ve been able to identify some weak spots for educators of color that can inform educator prep programs in where they can provide learning opportunities for educators of color. Lastly, we’ve explored culturally responsive teaching.

Now culturally responsive teaching applies to all educators but in a diverse setting it provides students of color with more positive K–12 experiences, so hopefully they’ll be more likely to become educators in the future.