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Services and Resources

ETS's goal is to help you place the most qualified teachers in the classroom — so students have the best chance at success. Helping you understand your educator candidates' performance beyond their basic scores enables you to make informed decisions. The innovative tools and expert guidance available to you when you use one of our Professional Educator Programs can enable you to do more with your resources and gain valuable actionable information to enhance your licensure program.

Gain greater insights and simplify the reporting process with ETS® Data Manager

ETS® Data Manager makes it simple to receive and analyze your candidates' test results for the Praxis® tests. This powerful tool enables you to:

  • access data that can help guide program improvements
  • perform analytical functions, including sophisticated searching, data comparison, and chart and table creation
  • access individual test-taker scores

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Get support with your Title II reporting

To assist in managing student data, ETS offers an easy-to-use online system that provides the comprehensive data you need to help you improve the quality of your educator preparation programs. Our free Title II reporting program provides:

  • a password-protected, user-friendly website for the collection of student data, score matching and verification services for educator preparation programs
  • report preparation and submission to Westat®, along with user-friendly reports to the state and its member institutions
  • an annual training program for new and returning users
  • a comprehensive instruction manual

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Gain insights efficiently with Multistate Standard-Setting Studies

The ETS Multistate Standard-Setting Study process is a valuable way for decision makers to share and gain insight that can help inform their individual decisions.

Designed by ETS researchers, this approach convenes practitioner panels to recommend a passing score for states to consider. Multistate Standard-Setting Studies offer several benefits, including:

  • freeing your state from recruiting panelists
  • providing greater educator input for a passing score recommendation
  • providing a more efficient process for transitioning your state from old to new tests
  • enabling your state to maintain valuable control by setting your own passing score while offering practitioner judgments and documentation to inform that decision

For more information about Multistate Standard-Setting Studies, email us at or call 1-866-243-4088.

Learn how to write a Request for Information (RFI) to get the comparison you want

ETS supports the periodic review of a state's assessment program to ensure that it satisfies the needs of the state. This short guide describes how some State Education Agencies (SEAs) and boards across the United States have undertaken these reviews and includes suggestions for how to frame the state's needs in order to elicit some of the most useful comparisons among assessment programs.

Download the guide.