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What America's Leaders Are Saying

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Arthur J. Rothkopf, Senior Vice President and Counselor to the President
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

"America's Perfect Storm describes brilliantly the major challenges facing American workers and our economy as the result of an education system that fails to educate our young people, an increasingly technological global economy, and major demographic shifts in our population. Unless we act aggressively and promptly to reform our public education system, the standard of living of U.S. workers will decline and the U.S. economy will become far less competitive."

George R. Boggs, Ph.D., President
American Association of Community Colleges

"ETS has issued a 'severe storm warning' that we all need to heed with its new report, America's Perfect Storm. In fact, we are already in the midst of a storm, yet unrecognized by many policymakers, that presents the United States with some of the greatest challenges in its history. Education is the best way for us to address the problems that this report so clearly lays out, and the nation's community colleges are the institutions that will be most able to respond.

"America's community colleges are the gateway to higher education and training for nearly one half of American college students, and they enroll most of the nation's minorities, low-income students, and new immigrants — the very people, as the report points out, who will be increasingly important to meet our human capital needs and to ensure our future."

Sarita E. Brown, Ph.D., President
Excelencia in Education

"America's future depends on the academic success of today's young people, an increasing number of whom are Latino. With its solid analysis and compelling arguments, America's Perfect Storm joins a number of important reports that have underscored the critical importance of taking action now. Fortunately, we are increasingly prepared to answer this call to action with information and evidence of successful efforts that accelerate academic success for students who have not traditionally been served well by our education system."

Henry Cisneros, Executive Chairman
City View
Former Mayor of San Antonio

"America's Perfect Storm … frames issues of immense importance for our society. The eduational and skills gaps demand action by our nation's public and private sector leaders and institutions. They apply with special force to our national Latino community at a time when our Latino population is a greater proportion of the nation and when our performance gaps in these areas are more egregious. The report is getting widepread attention … a tribute to the solid analogies."

Dana Egreczky, President
New Jersey Business Committee for Educational Excellence
Vice President, Workforce Development
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

"The convergence of forces cited in America's Perfect Storm reaffirms the work done in previous studies on this subject and makes an extremely compelling case for urgency in addressing serious issues. We hope that it will serve as an important wake-up call toward ensuring that our educational and social support systems are the best they can be."

Ken Kay, President
Partnership for 21st Century Skills

"This report outlines in stark detail the urgent need to align education outcomes with workforce skills that U.S. students need to thrive in an increasingly interdependent and competitive economy — and help keep America competitive. Many countries around the globe understand this important connection and are investing in educational outcomes that rival the best that American schools have to offer. U.S. students must have a framework for 21st-century learning that teaches them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators who are proficient in both core subjects and new 21st-century content and skills. Twenty-first century skills are in demand for all students, regardless of their future plans, and they will have an enormous impact on students' prospects."

Marc H. Morial, President and CEO
National Urban League

"America's Perfect Storm poignantly describes how three powerful forces, if left unattended, will increasingly imperil the future prosperity of our country. It sounds a clarion call that we must invest in policies which build human capital and improve economic opportunity for all segments of our population. The findings of this report align closely with the strategy and policy prescriptions of the National Urban League and we are pleased to join ETS in advancing this critically important work."

Loui Olivas, Ph.D., President
American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education
Arizona State University

"This report presents the chilling reality of the economic, social and educational challenges facing our country. We must provide current and future P–20 student sectors, through systemic change and support, the opportunity to be globally competitive. The future U.S. workforce will be dominated by a younger, more ethnically diverse population — with Latinos as the largest group. Collectively and collaboratively, we must strategically invest our time, resources and expertise in addressing the issues in this report.

"The American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education is keenly aware of the trends identified in this report. We stand ready and are eager to engage a national audience comprising educators, practitioners, government officials, foundations, the private sector and not-for-profit organizations to ensure that the U.S. will maintain its intellectual edge and dominant economic power."

Jeffrey V. Osowski, Ph.D., Vice President
Learning and Teaching
Liberty Science Center, New Jersey

"The ETS Policy Information Report, America's Perfect Storm, has significant implications for our nation's education policies, for how and where we invest our education resources, and maybe most importantly, for what and how we teach in our schools. The power of this report, and the urgency created by it, is in the explication of the relationships between the demands of our economy and society on the one hand, and the capacity of our institutions, especially schools, to meet those demands, on the other."

Gene Wilhoit, Executive Director
Council of Chief State School Officers

"We applaud ETS for its thoughtful analysis of how the convergence of these three powerful forces will shape our collective future. Indeed, the forces shaping the future make the task of ensuring that each and every child in America has the skills necessary to participate fully in our rapidly expanding global society — the most important job in America."

Governor Bob Wise, President
Alliance for Excellent Education

"America's Perfect Storm is a critically important report that resonates with all Americans because it pulls together compelling consequences about an education system that does not serve every student. It's a valuable voice in the call for swift and effective reform that ensures that every child is a graduate, prepared for success."