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Learn More About the ETS Performance Assessments Submission Center

The purpose of the ETS Performance Assessments Submission Center is to collect test-taker responses to performance assessments tasks.

Formative Tasks and Tracking Candidate Submissions

The system allows the educator preparation program faculty and cooperating teachers/mentors to view their teacher candidate's response to a formative task and provide feedback.

The system also allows educator preparation program faculty to track the progress of their individual teacher candidates as they move through all of the assessment tasks.

Summative Tasks

Educator preparation programs and cooperating teachers/mentors do not have access to view responses to summative tasks for the assessment.


Access to the ETS Performance Assessments Submission Center is provided via the Internet from a secure website using a login and password. Due to the nature of the data contained in the ETS Performance Assessments Submission Center, access is restricted to institutional clients who use the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment or the Praxis® Performance Assessment for Teachers.

Accounts are managed at each educator preparation program through the use of a Primary User. Note: there can only be one Primary User per educator preparation program.

  • All Primary Users are approved by an ETS administrator. ETS recommends that the Primary User be at the level of a Dean, Assistant Dean, Education Department Chair or similar position who would be able to monitor and approve/remove access for staff and affiliated cooperating teachers/mentors at the institution.
  • The Primary User is not required to use the service(s); he or she is only required to manage access to service(s) for users at his or her institution.
  • All Secondary and Cooperating Teacher/Mentor Users are approved by the appropriate Primary User.
  • A Primary User must create an account first in order to approve Secondary and Cooperating Teacher/Mentor Users within his/her institution.
  • Other educator preparation program staff requesting access to this service should sign up as Secondary Users.
  • Cooperating Teachers/mentors who work with the student teachers during their student teaching experience should sign up as a Cooperating Teacher/Mentor Users.

To sign in or request an account, visit ETS Client Services for Educator Licensure.

Contact Us

For more information about the submission center, please contact the performance assessments administrator:

For the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment:

For the Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers: