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Interpreting Score Reports

Test-taker Score Reports

The test-taker score report contains the test taker's:

  • name
  • scores for each of the three tasks, including individual step scores
  • overall cumulative score for the assessment
  • score report feedback
  • background information
  • educational information

Calculating Task Scores

Step scores are summed to determine the task score for each of the three tasks. The score for Task 3 is multiplied by two to reflect the double weighting of the task. Tasks that are not submitted receive a score of zero.

The Overall Assessment Score

The three task scores are summed to determine the overall assessment score. As noted above, the score for Task 3 is doubled.


The passing score for the assessment is set at the overall assessment level. Passing status is not determined at the individual task level.

Score reports do not contain a pass/fail indicator.

Each state's licensing organization determines its own passing requirements for the PASL assessment. For state passing requirements, view the PASL Assessment State Passing Requirements. Preparation programs may establish a passing requirement in the absence of a state passing requirement.

Feedback for Step Scores

Each task of the assessment contains four steps.

Each score report includes general feedback for each step score within a task. Each set of feedback:

  • guides the test taker to improve the quality of evidence in the step responses
  • addresses the possible qualitative and quantitative level of the evidence provided in the step responses
  • is connected to the language of the task rubrics and the language of the guiding prompts
  • is helpful to the test taker when deciding whether or not to resubmit a task

Feedback does not appear on score reports accessed by the educator preparation program in the ETS® Data Manager. View the feedback for all steps and score levels.

Steps with a Score of Zero

Test takers must respond to all guiding prompts by:

  • providing evidence that directly correlates to what is being asked in each textbox
  • providing all required artifacts
  • supplying the evidence that addresses the guiding prompts of the textbox to which the artifact is linked

A score of zero will be applied to a step for any of the following:

  • The written commentary for a step is missing or it does not address the activity and guiding prompts of that step (and is deemed off-topic).
  • The required artifacts are missing. A step that requires multiple artifacts must have at least one artifact attached to the step to be scoreable.
  • The artifact present in the step fails to provide evidence of what is required.
  • The required artifact is a video, and the video is missing.
  • The required continuous video segments were found to be edited. In this case, the entire task will receive a score of zero.

Note: Encourage test takers to read through the submitted response and compare what was submitted to the requirements of the guiding prompts.

Resubmission Scores

Test takers who are unable to pass the assessment during the original submission window have an opportunity to resubmit Tasks 1, 2 and 3 for a fee during a short resubmission window immediately following their original submission window. The task with the highest total task score, whether from the original submission or from the resubmission, is reported on the final score report.

Test Takers Who Do Not Pass

Test takers who are unable to pass the assessment during the resubmission window must retake the assessment in a future submission window.

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Become a Rater

ETS will soon hire raters for online scoring of the PASL assessment. If you are interested, please check the ETS Online Scoring opportunities information.