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Support and Ethical Considerations for the ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL)

As part of required coursework, candidates and educators may engage in professional discussions and activities related to the tasks. However, the work that candidates submit in response to each performance assessment task must be theirs and theirs alone. The written commentaries, student work and other artifacts, as well as the video recording must feature candidates' interactions with colleagues and the work that the candidate facilitated within the school or district setting.

General Guidelines for Ethics and Support

View the Support and Ethics section of the PASL Candidate Handbook for additional support and ethical guidelines when working with test takers.

When providing content support, instructors and mentors should:

  • review the assessment and the assessment process
  • check for understanding of the task requirements, rubrics and handbook
  • share only information that is public for all school leader candidates
  • provide direction on how candidates prepare, plan and manage deadlines
  • know, understand and uphold the assessment's policies and guidelines
  • acknowledge and respect the fact that the responsibility for developing and submitting the performance assessment rests solely and completely with the candidate
  • ensure that candidates understand that breaches of trust and confidentiality may destroy the validity of the assessment and may negatively affect the reputations of school leader candidates
  • immediately report violations of confidentiality, incidents of falsified information or materials, and breaches of security

Instructors and mentors should avoid engaging in the following:

  • making choices for the candidates
  • correcting a task
  • assigning a score to a task or in any other way evaluating responses
  • giving an assignment that asks candidates to respond to a task's guiding prompts
  • using the task rubrics to score an assignment

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Become a Rater

ETS will soon hire raters for online scoring of the PASL assessment. If you are interested, please check the ETS Online Scoring opportunities information.