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About the PPAT® Assessment

A meaningful measure of a test taker's readiness for the classroom

The PPAT® assessment provides a solution, developed by educators for educators, for measuring a teacher candidate's readiness to teach effectively.

Greater, more meaningful data helps inform decisions. The PPAT assessment provides robust data to help educator programs like yours make more informed decisions about strengths and challenges for both the test taker and clinical coursework. This assessment fosters an alignment between test takers, cooperating teachers and supervising instructors to drive student achievement.

Why Choose the PPAT Assessment?

There are other performance assessment options for educator preparation programs to choose from. Learn why the PPAT assessment is the right choice for you.

How It Works

The PPAT assessment demonstrates that test takers understand how to:

  • gauge their students' learning needs
  • interact effectively with students
  • design and implement lessons with well-articulated learning goals
  • design and use assessments to make data-driven decisions to inform teaching and learning

Information from the assessment helps identify the areas where test takers have strengths, as well as areas where there are opportunities for professional development.

The Tasks

The content of this assessment is aligned with InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards. Tasks include:

  • Task 1: Knowledge of Students and the Learning Environment
  • Task 2: Assessment and Data Collection to Measure and Inform Student Learning
  • Task 3: Designing Instruction for Student Learning
  • Task 4: Implementing and Analyzing Instruction to Promote Student Learning

Find information about how test takers compose and submit tasks, the relevant forms they use when completing each part of the assessment, and the task requirements and rubrics. See how test takers build and submit tasks.

National Accreditation Standards Alignment

The following documents show how the PPAT assessment aligns with national accreditation standards:

Praxis® Test Specification Alignments

PPAT Tasks 2 through 4 require candidates to provide evidence of content knowledge both in their teaching practices as well as in the assessment of student learning.

See how the appropriateness and relevance of content selected by candidates, in the completion of the PPAT assessment, may include categories of Praxis® content tests.

Adopting the PPAT Assessment

The PPAT assessment will generally be adopted at the state level; however, educator preparation programs can use the assessment without state adoption. Learn more about adopting the assessment.

Registration and Deadlines for Test Takers

Learn more about the registration process, submission windows, deadlines, fees, payment and cancellation policies. See Test-taker registration for more information.

Voucher Orders

Learn how you can purchase vouchers for your test takers to use during registration.

Supporting Test Takers

There are many resources available to help you guide your test takers through the assessment process. Learn how you can support your test takers.


Test takers work with their preparation programs to receive feedback on Task 1. Scores are provided for tasks 2, 3 and 4 and as a cumulative score. Official score reports are made available to educator programs approximately three weeks after the Task 4 submission deadline. For more information, including interpreting scores and how tasks are scored, see Scores.

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Become a Rater

If you are interested in becoming a rater for online scoring of the PPAT, please check the ETS Online Scoring opportunities information.