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About the ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL)

The ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) assessment provides a solution, developed by educators for educators, for measuring a school leader candidate's application of knowledge and skills identified as relevant and important for beginning instructional leaders.

Greater, more meaningful data helps inform decisions. The PASL assessment helps educator preparation programs make the most effective use of their time by providing an assessment that helps align test takers, cooperating school leaders and supervising instructors to drive student achievement and learning.

The Adoption Process

Learn more about adopting the PASL assessment.

Registration and Submission

Test takers create an online account, register and submit tasks in the ETS Performance Assessment system.

The PASL assessment is administered twice per year during preestablished submission windows.

Find more information about how test takers register and the associated fees.

The Tasks

The content of this assessment is aligned with national and state specific school leader standards. See below for specific alignment to the standards.

For specific details on each of the three tasks and rubrics used to score them, review Task Requirements.

Supporting Your Test Takers

ETS is committed to helping your test takers do their best on the PASL assessment by offering a variety of free downloadable preparation materials. Find more information about available test-taker test preparation materials.


Scores are reported online to test takers and educator preparation programs approximately four weeks after the task submission deadline.

Test takers receive scores for Tasks 1, 2 and 3, and an overall cumulative assessment score. Find information on Scores.

Resubmission Option

Test takers who do not receive a passing score for the assessment have an opportunity to resubmit one, two or all three of these tasks for a fee during the resubmission window immediately after scores are issued.

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