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About the ETS® Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders (PATL)

A meaningful measure of a teacher-leader candidate’s readiness and ability to provide effective instructional leadership

ETS is pleased to introduce the ETS® Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders (PATL). The PATL measures against the critical leadership roles that teachers play in contributing to student and school success.

Registration and Submission

Test takers register online and submit tasks in an online submission system by entering a written response and uploading associated documentation, called artifacts. A textbox is provided to enter responses. Test takers are expected to write descriptively, analytically and reflectively.


The content of the assessment addresses teacher leader Model Standards. Each task is developed to assess a test taker’s skills and abilities in a specific area of classroom instruction. For specific details on each of the six tasks and rubrics used to score them, review the information below.

Task 1 – Adult Learning and the Collaborative Culture

Task 2 – Research for the Improvement of Practice

Task 3 – Professional Learning

Task 4 – Observation and Use of Assessment Data

Task 5 – Collaboration with Families and the Community

Task 6 – Collaborative Teams and Advocacy


Scores are reported online approximately six weeks after the task deadline to test takers and educator preparation programs. If they resubmit any tasks, this report will be reissued approximately four weeks after the resubmission deadline.

There are three types of scores for the PATL assessment:

  • step scores — each task of the assessment contains three steps.
  • task scores — the sum of the three step scores.
  • overall cumulative assessment score — the sum of the six task scores.

Note: Passing scores are established at the overall cumulative score level.

Test-taker Score Reports

The test-taker score report contains valuable information about the test taker's performance, including:

  • a summary page indicating the score for each task and a cumulative score for the assessment
  • a detail page for each task indicating scores for each step within a task and feedback for each step score

See a PATL Sample Test-taker Score Report.

The Feedback for Step Scores

The test-taker score report includes feedback for each step score within a task. This feedback:

  • guides test takers to improve the quality of evidence in the step responses
  • addresses the possible qualitative and quantitative level of the evidence provided in the step responses
  • is connected to the language of the task rubrics and the language of the guiding prompts
  • is helpful to test takers when they are deciding whether or not to resubmit a task.

Adopting the Assessment

Contact us today at to learn more about the PATL and how to begin using the PATL as part of your state's education program requirements.